Sunday, 29 June 2014

Rivelin Park.... Water Splash

We went to our own, closer to home, water splash last week to see what it was like.  I love the fact it is virtually on our doorstep, has a wood, cafe and playground as well.  See here for my last Rivelin review.  

We did the usual, picnic, play and went for a REALLLY long walk, I think it was around 5 miles in total, and got lost.  But we loved the water splash.  This is the first time we've been as last year it was being dug up and renovated (yes, you could be forgiven for thinking I am talking about Clifton Park again) and in the years before........ well I didn't even know it existed.

The watersplash and paddling pool area is lovely, especially in the summer sun.

There are loads of little fountains for the kids to run in  and out of, a yellow bucket and shower to tip water onto heads and some little play tables with water running through them.  All of this on a nice, slip-resistant surface.  At one end is a large paddling pool for splashing fun which I has to fight to get them out of.

The toilets are literally seconds away for easy changing facilities....and the cafe is also on the gate of it (convenient eh!)

The boys had a fantastic time and we can't wait for the sun to come out again so we can head back.

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