Monday, 30 June 2014

Make It Monday - ham, cheese and crisp wraps

Getting the kids to eat bread in this house is like pulling teeth... seriously.  They hate the stuff (can't say I blame them, I'm not a huge fan).

Their latest obsession are thins, these go down a treat.  however this weekend with Kingsmill Wraps being at
the bargain price of 75p for 6 in Heron Foods we were persuaded to ditch the thins and try these.

The boys love them, they are reluctant to try them as pizzas yet (I can't wait to do this) as melted cheese is not a big hit in this house (yet store bought pizza is barley on the plate before it's gone... go figure).  However they are loving ham, cheese (and crisp) roll-up wraps, and it's something they can get involved with.

Here's how we make them.....

I am aware there are MANY MANY combinations of wraps (we've also have chocolate spread ones) and cannot wait to go proper food shopping and get some really nice things to go in them (like chicken salad).

Do you 'wrap'?  What are your favourite combinations?

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored, I'm just sharing the love :)

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