Monday, 23 June 2014

Hot Dog Spiders

This is one we made a while ago, at the beginning of the month, however it was only when I was taking the photo's off the camera earlier it reminded me I hadn't blogged about it.

So today's "Make It Monday" ....... "Hot Dog Spiders"

What do I need?

- hot dogs ( we used mini ones which I didn't even know existed! however normal ones cut in half are fine).
- spaghetti (not the one in tomato sauce the plain boring one).
- Whatever you are serving them with
- Saucepan
- Stock cube

How do I do it?

Snap the spaghetti (raw) in half.

Take 4 bits of spaghetti and thread it through the hot dog so you have some on each side

Place into a pan of boiling water.  I used a beef stock cube in the water to give it a little bit of extra flavour.

When the spaghetti has gone limp and floppy it's cooked.

Drain and serve with a side (we chose raw carrots and grated cheese) of your choice.

I must tell you I am NOT a Bento mum.  I do not spend my life making food into fun shapes, animals etc in a bid to make my children eat (as I don't have time).  However I say this and just had an urge to make it asa one off.

I have also been introduced to the hot dog octopus which I may attempt one day.

How do you jazz up your children's meals?


  1. My girls love them!! They're so simple and fun to make :) x

    1. they were very yummy.... tho coulda done with a tomatoy pasta sauce on them