Monday 14 July 2014

Reading Bingo 2014 (updated 14.7.14)

This year I am going to attempt the Random House's 2014 Reading Bingo Challenge. 

What is the Reading Bingo challenge I hear you ask?   well basically you have a gamecard (below)available from Random House's website.  The aim is to tick off as many books from the card as possible (if your book covers more than 1 square, bonus!).


Keep an eye on this page to follow my progress............

I'm really enjoying this challenge.  It helps when looking at an overful bookshelf because I am always thinking "ohh I could tick off xxx when I've finished that one."  6 months into the year and 11/25 complete, I managed to tick off another 4 when finishing Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone (and now I'm on Chamber of Secrets that's another one ticked off).  Can I count the Magic Faraway Tree collection for over 500 pages when it's finished?? 

Do you have any suggestions for books from my list that will cover the others?

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Not feeling grown up enough for this one?  You could always try the YA version also available on their website.

An avid reader .......... why not attempt both?

This post was originally posted in January 2014.  Updated 14.7.14

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