Thursday, 24 July 2014

#mysleepout .... an update @archerproject

On the 12th of July we got all set for out outdoor sleepout.  This was to raise awareness of homelessness in Sheffield - see my earlier post  and after a week or 2 of glorious evenings we were very excited.

We started off the evening with a pretend BBQ.  I say pretend as I cannot be trusted to BBQ and hubby didn't get in from work until 7.  Instead I grilled sausages and beefburgers in the house.   Add to this new potatoes, chips (hubby doesn't eat new potatoes so picked some up on the way home from the takeaway), rolls and beans and we were set.


The boys loved it as we sat outside in the warm chatting about the night ahead.

Then, whilst the boys had a bath  hubby set up the garden.  Whilst the boys were excited about sleeping on the trampoline me and hubby would be on the floor.  He's a soft arse so got the foam blocks out and laid them out for a 'bed'.

I got in my onesie, got the kids out the bath and into their and ........then the rain came .............. 

We quickly picked up the foam 'bed' and settled for plan b - the dining room. The boys were of course disappointed and had to be promised a night under the stars another day and reminded about the upcoming camping trip with Grandma.

So we got out the board game they'd be looking forward to playing - Destination Sheffield.  Not having played it for ages we reminded ourselves of the rules, teamed one child up with an adult and made a start.
   The boys loved rolling the dice and moving the counters.  cheering and booing depending on whether we reached a destination or received a nasty card.

   Unfortunately we'd forgotten how long this game can take when there are just 2 of you playing and had to cut the game short as about 10.30 the kids were starting to falter and asking to go to bed.

So it was wees and lights off and straight to sleep with no fuss or arguing (from any of us!!)

Did we get a lie in ................ no ....... the dining room has no blind on so hubby was awake about 5.30 am and had complete a round of Tiger Woods on the PS3 before we got up about 6.30/7.

Would we do it again ............. YES!!  It was a fantastic night for bonding family time and a great opportunity to teach the kids about how people have to sleep on the streets and for them to think how they would be feeling out in the rain trying to shelter and stay warm.

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