Friday, 4 July 2014

The 30 day shred - update

This post is my weekly update on my 30 day shred challenge - the original post can be found here.

3 shreds (in 1 week) later and I'm on 9st 7 - yayyy.  not bad considering it was 'that' time of the month last week and I had:

- honestly can't remember what i had last Friday or Saturday for tea.
- gammon roast dinner - Sunday
- kebab meat and chips (takeaway) on monday
- pie n mash - tuesday
- waffles, fried eggs, cheese, ham and spaghetti hoops (it sounds gross but was lush) - wednesday
- maccyd's for breakfast on Thursday with sausage, chips and beans for tea.
- spag bol tonight.

However mon-friday this week I've only had 4/5 crackers with cheese for my lunch.  breakfast has either been yogurt (muller light) or bran flakes (except yesterday - maccyd's, and today which was scrambled egg)

Absolutely killed tonight tho and I was shattered after the first circuit of jump rope/ jumping jacks.  now I have proper jelly legs and can hardly walk.

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