Thursday 31 July 2014

Dreamz Ice Cream Parlour

This ice cream parlour has been open virtually on my door step for almost 2 weeks now and I'd not set foot in the door............ until Monday night.

Spoilt for choice is not the word .... not only do they have a hugeee selection of ice creams but also milkshakes, smoothies and coffee.

It took me a lot of choosing, and mind changing before I finalised on ...........

Honeycomb and Triple Choc with chocolate sauce.

Ben went for Bubblegum and Milky Bar in a double cone with chocolate sauce

Noah  choose strawberry to compliment (?) his bubblegum with a strawberry sauce

and hubby had a tougher decision ..... so had 3 scoops - Bubblegum, Mint Choc-Chip and Raspberry Ripple with toffee sauce.

Some of the other flavours we had to choose from were:
strawberry cheesecake     orange tiger     malteaser  and   millions      
There were loads more but I've slept since then .... will update next time I go back.

With prices ranging from £1.50 for a small tub (2 scoops) and £2 for a large tub (3 scoops) and cones at varying prices in between they are a very reasonable treat and taste amazing......smooth, creamy and full of flavour.

They also do a loyalty card so whenever you spend £5 or more (very easy with my family) you get £5 off.... who can complain at that.

You can check out Dreamz on facebook 

Or pop in in person:  13A Middlewood Road, Hillsborough

Disclaimer:  I was not paid in anyway for this review, just sharing the love!

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