Monday, 28 July 2014

Jammy Flapjacks

We were very kindly given a jar of homemade jam on Wednesday by our neighbor .... the boys couldn't wait to try it, but like me weren't keen on jam sandwiches/ toast.

So I needed to find a jammy recipe that wasn't Jam Tarts or Jam in rice pudding. .... YAY for jammy flapjacks who everyone agreed were amazing.

What do I need?

175g/6oz soft butter
175g/6oz soft brown sugar
200g/7oz self-raising flour
Pinch baking powder
175g/6oz oats
½ jar jam of your choosing

What do I do?

Pre-heat the oven to 180'C/350'F/ Gas Mark 4.
Grease tin with butter.

Tip the butter and sugar into a bowl. Beat them together with a wooden spoon until the mixture is creamy.

Sift in the flour and baking powder in, add the oats and mix well.

Tip half the mix into the tin, spreading evenly. Press it firmly down, using your hands so it covers the base completely and fills the corners.

Spread a layer of jam over this base to give a good coverage.

Sprinkle the remaining oater mixture evenly over the jam so it’s covered.

Cook for about 20 minutes until just golden.

After 10 minutes cooling, take a sharp knife and mark the flapjack into squares.

Leave to cool completely before removing from the tin and cutting again.


Oh .... and if you want to you can finish off the jam!

I would love to be able to show you the finished product but I had to pack them for camping as soon as cooled down and they went to fast for me to photograph.

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