Friday 11 July 2014

Flashback Friday - The Girl from Tomorrow

Picture the scene, an 8 year old me saving the world with an alice band around my forehead with a 'jewel' (read piece of paper) stuck in the middle.  I also have 3 dots on the side of my face (thanks to mums eyeliner pencil!). Who else could I have been but Alana, The Girl From Tomorrow. 

The Girl from Tomorrow was another Australian born children's television series broadcast in 1990 with a sequel in 1993.  Each series aired 12 x 25 minute episodes and aired on the BBC in the UK.

It was based around Alana, a girl from the year 3000. who was kidnapped by Silverthorn, a criminal from the year 2500, and brought back in time to the year 1990.  Confused yet?  Funnily enough it wasn't to a child!

While in the year 1990, she becomes friends with Jenny Kelly and learns to adapt to life in a time unfamiliar to her.    Whilst in 1990 Alana and Jenny try to get back the time capsule that took her back in time before it automatically returns to the future (leaving her stranded in the past).

Heartache descends when Jenny and Alana believe the time capsule to have been destroyed, however it hasn't Silverthorn is using it to tell the future (and make money) and refuses to allow Alana to use it and return.



Is a fourteen-year-old girl from the year 3000. Her parents live on Titan, Saturn's moon but sent her to Earth to be educated. On Earth, she has guardians who teach her the techniques of how to use the Transducer*, so she can achieve her ambition of becoming a Healer. Alana has three distinctive dots on the side of her face in the temple area signifying that she is mature enough to use a Transducer. Taken in by the Kellys on arriving in 1990, Alana is given the name 'Alana Turner' and passed off as Irene's niece to avoid suspicion.


Silverthorn is a villain from the year 2500. His most noticeable traits are his deviousness and violent tendencies. He comes across to the unknown as very charming, but this is a front so he can double-cross people. He is also very brave, risking his life to save a drowning boy in order to gain Lorien's trust, and tests the Time Gate on himself when none of his cronies are willing. He kidnaps Alana and flees to 1990, where he hopes he can rule the world. While in 1990, Silverthorn makes himself a millionaire by accessing the Time Capsule's computer, finding out details of local horse races, then successfully betting on the winners.  However, Silverthorn has an inoperable brain tumour as a result of being exposed to high levels of radiation in his own time period, occasionally suffering severe headaches that can cause him to collapse, and cannot obtain further supplies of the pills he brought with him from 2500 as they contain elements and minerals which have not yet been discovered. He has only one hope of survival — Alana and the Transducer...

Jenny Kelly

Jenny is from 1990. She is a typical teenager going through her rebellious phase. She plays the drums and dreams of joining a band and has dyed her hair purple.  When she's not at school she helps out in her mum's shop.

Petey Kelly

Petey is like any other nine-year-old boy from 1990. He is the brother of Jenny. He enjoys dressing up in his
home-made superhero outfit, and calls himself "Captain Zero". Petey also has a great love of Science Fiction, which comes in handy when things get tough.

Irene Kelly

Irene is Jenny and Petey's mother. She is the owner of the Kelly Deli. Like most mums, she is very protective of her children, so much so that she is more than willing to stand up to Silverthorn alone in order to protect them.


Eddie is a young street tough who acts as Silverthorn's chauffeur and henchman. He is not very bright and occasionally even clumsy, this causes Silverthorn to gets angry with him, however he is useful and is forgiven.

James Rooney

James  is the science teacher at the high school Jenny attends. Irene fell for him when she met him after enrolling Alana there. James helped all the others in their efforts to retrieve the Capsule so Alana could return home.

*The Transducer is a tool that is was developed in 2500 to help rebuild the earth, in the wrong hands it can destroy.  It is used by everyone in the year 3000. Alana was only learning to use the Transducer when she was kidnapped by Silverthorn. The Transducer looks like a headband with a crystal in the centre of a black drop-like plate. The Transducer glows blue when the carrier tries to levitate objects, pink for healing, purple for specific interactions with other force fields, and red forms as a result of strong feelings (intentional or unintentional) which destroy matter. The first transducer uses white radiation.

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