Wednesday, 9 July 2014

The 30 day shred - update

So after last week where I was soo pleased to be down from 9st 10 to 9st 7 I stepped on the scales tonight ... 9st 9!  GRRRR

OK OK so I KNOW where I'm going wrong and can't blame anyone but myself. I've been plowing FAR tooo much crap into my body!  It's just been one of those weeks where I've felt really down.

saturday - brekkie: fried eggs in a wrap.
                lunch: subway (6" italian bmt YUM).  
                kids party - junk food snacks!
                tea: leftover spag bol

sunday - brekkie: scrambled egg
              lunch: spag bol leftovers
              kids party - more junk food snacks!
              tea: gammon, chips and beans for tea.

monday - brekkie: omelette (with leftover gammon in)
               lunch: value 'super' noodles
               tea: gammon, mash and beans.  
              forced to eat a HUGE chocolate muffin for b'day celebrations at work :)

tuesday - brekkie: scrambled egg with gammon in.
               lunch: ham, egg and chips (Weatherspoons),
               tea: frozen mystery meal (turned out to be shepherds pie) with carrots.

wednesday - brekkie: bran flakes.
                    lunch: 4 wafer crackers with cheese, muller light yogurt.
                    tea: frozen mystery meal (turned out to be dumplings! woop) with sausages, mini hash browns and carrots.
                   ohhh and I may have been forced to eat the last chocolate muffin at work.

I don't think it helps I also keep snacking on chocolate ...........

so Frday I WILL be going shopping for fish and salad and I WILL loose the weight again.  Hopefully I'll also feel less tired and washed out once I get this crap out my body.  I'd had months of really sensible eating and it suddenly all went wrong when the house and work started stressing me out!

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