Monday 7 July 2014

Make it Monday - Fruit Kebabs

I was supposed to write this post back at the beginning of June but time swept me away and I've just
realised it never got past the initial planning stage. With summer well under way now is a fab time to teach the kids how to make them.... especially if they are as picky over fruit as mine (one week they love apples the next they won't even have them in the house).

I would like to say a hearty thank you to Zest for introducing my boys to Fruit Kebabs at Sheffield's Food Fest.... they are now obsessed with them!!

So much so we have bought a pack of wooden skewers and have to get lots of fruit at the weekends so they can make their own.  Places like Home bargains are fantastic as they do tubs of mixed fruit pieces for a couple of pounds.  It easily does 2 kebabs for the boys, saves money on buying lots of fresh fruit which will probably go to waste and gives them a chance to try new flavours they may not have had before.

They are ever so easy and whilst you do have to be careful around small children and pointy sticks they are great for getting the kids involved.

All they have to do is choose which fruit they want - berries are a top choice in the house at the moment; strawberries, raspberries and blueberries with grapes. apples are good for a crunchy texture but can be awkward to put into the stick without breaking.

Enjoy, what summer treats do you love?

This post is part of my Make It
Monday Series

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