Friday, 18 July 2014

Made in Sheffield: Flurt (frozen yogurt)

It's not often I get excited about 2 hours out of the house..... ok it is.... tis a very rare occurrence and as Flurt pointed out on their facebook page, yes I probably WOULD go to the opening of a crisp packet!

But this excitement was something else, a night to meet some bloggers and local independent businesses as well as having my first ever 'Flurt' frozen yogurt experience (I know now what fro-yo stands for and be warned I will be using it!).

Anyone in Sheffield will tell you yesterday was hot hot hot and of course it was THE perfect time to join Alice as she launched her new popup shop on Ecclesall Road.  If you have been to the branch in town (Pinstone Street, opposite the peace gardens) then you will know what to expect, tho for some reason the bright purple building had completely passed me by, and I have walked past it to work for the last 2 years.  However never again as Fro-yo may be my new secret addiction.

Having left work (that's my excuse for appalling nail polish!) I arrived far to early and took in the peace and quiet of the woods for half an hour.  This is the nicest place to take your purchased frozen yogurt too as it has a stream, playground for the kids, a walk and plenty of grass or benches to sit on.  I'll be heading back with the kids so watch this space for a proper review.

Like me you may be new to Fro-yo.... what can you expect?

Fro-yo is completely fat-free so you can indulge yourself in a topping.   They are also probiotic, high in Calcium and fibre, gluten free and suitable for vegetarians.

And Flurt........... 

Flurt comes in many many flavours, tho they only have room for Natural and then 2 flavours on the pumps (natural, chocolate and 2 others in town) so everyday is a new surprise as to which flavour they will have.

Their current list includes:
Strawberry     Banana     Peanut Butter     Wild Cherry     Sherbet     Mint    Watermelon     Green Tea
Coffee     White Chocolate     Pomegranate     Praline     Salted Caramel     Passion Fruit     Mango

And yesterdays new flavour to celebrate the opening......Birthday Cake.

Let me tell you a bit about Birthday Cake flavour fro-yo.... you know when you were a child and used to help your mum bake a sponge cake on a Sunday and she let you lick the spoon ........ THAT!!!   It is dreamy!  I sampled mine with both Oreo pieces and raspberries and I have to say I would go for the raspberries every time as it gives it an edge.  Different toppings tho completely change the flavour of the fro-yo.  The Oreo one tasted as lot more lemony.

Not normally a fan of natural yogurt Flurt won me over with their natural flavoured fro-yo.  Perhaps it was the bizarrely strange melon popping balls.  These came highly recommended and I loved them.  They are a juicy bubble within a gel bubble and you have to pop them to get the sweet centre (If you've had bubble tea it's the same balls).  They come in many flavours and I cannot wait for Flurt to get some more.

There wasn't time (or stomach space) to try alllll of their toppings but I am confident they will stock your favourite........again these change all the time so you can always experiment with something new if your favourite isn't in stock.

Oreo     shortbread     toffee crumble      kiwi     Bounty     chocolate raisins     yogurt raisins     
popping candy     meringue     Minstrels     mango      granola     Percy Pigs     strawberries
summer fruits     pink wafer     seeds and berries     honey nuts     mini-marshmallows
Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups  and   Skittles for starters

Not to mention the selection of sauces in every flavour you could want.

Is there more to the Fro-yo experience?

Ecclessall road is a new pop-up shop for the next 3 months, which means they are just selling their frozen yogurt.  If you were to head to the one in town you can expect coffee, waffles and much more. 

And of course the staff are soo friendly.  They love to chat and discuss toppings with you and will be more than happy to let you have a taster before you make the tough combination decision.

Look out also for the Flurt pod.  This is the portable shop that appears at events and can come to your wedding, party or workplace .... why not contact them to see what they can arrange?


A Flurt starts from as little as £2.50 for a small one with 50p per topping, or look out for one of their business cards to get a free topping.

Alice is also looking into takeaway Flurt so you can enjoy it away from town.

More from the Launch Party

Alice and her team had made the best fruity lemonade for those of us who passed on the alcoholic bubbly.  I could have drunk it all night long.

Oh and musn't forget the bloggers I met.    This was the first event I've attended on my own, without a friend or kids to hide behind and I was super scared no one would talk to me, and I'd not have the courage to talk to others.  

After chatting to Kim and Alice (the owner), @sheffield_eats introduced herself to me (and I am soo sorry I forgot your real name) and we chatted for a bit.   

I then spent the last hour collapsed on a deckchair in the rest of the day's sun discussing Sheffield, blogger meets and anything else that took our fancy while indulging in more fro-yo and fizzy juice with Frances B and Georgina.

Frances, Georgina and me

Who are these lovely bloggers mentioned?
Kim blogs at, you can find her on Twitter @BeautyDrawers

Frances B blogs at and is on Twitter @Frances_M_B.   She is also edtor at Social Sheffield

Georgina blogs at you can follow her @GeorginaGrogan_ 

And of course..... Flurt..........

 Flurt on Facebook  follow Flurt on Twitter   e-mail Flurt

Find their new pop-up shop at:  643 Ecclesall Road near Hunter's Bar roundabout.
or their main shop at: 70 Pinstone Street, near the Peace Gardens.

Let me know if you've been, or when you've been, and tell me your favourite Flurty combinations.

Disclaimer:  I was invited to the launch party where I enjoyed free fro-yo and bubbly (fruity lemonade!).  Opinions are all my own.


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  1. There are different kinds of ice cream but thats the most delicious and healty frozen yogurt that I have ever been eaten! Everyone have to taste it!