Saturday, 21 September 2013

2 adults, 2 children, 4 weeks and £200 for food ...........week 1 update.............

This week we did really well eating out the freezer/ cupboards although I did treat us to a meal out at the local Sizzling Pub on Thursday.

Saturday and Sunday - I've not recorded having spent any money on food.
Monday - a £4 spend on everyday consumables - milk/ bread/ ham
Tuesday - again no food spends.
Wednesday - £1.40 on general food  and 70p on consumables.
Thursday - £3.70 on consumables- again the usual - bread, milk, ham + £1 on other foods
Friday - £2.34 on general food and £3.99 on drinks (teabags)

general food: £4.74
everyday consumables: £8.40
drinks: £3.99

grand total: £17.13

This week I must remember to write down exactly what foods were bought so I know where these misc spends are laying.

A pretty good week.

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