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A Blog A Day - 23rd September 2013 - my favourite place

Day 23- My favourite place

Where's your favourite place??  This could be a holiday destination, your favourite kids play centre, a recommendation  for a pub/ restaurant you enjoy going to..........


Our favourite place is "The Park in Wadsley Bridge" - it is part of the Sizzling Pubs chain and is dangerously close to our house.........

Last Thursday I had an awful day and the last thing I wanted to do was go home and cook...... so after getting a resounding "YES PLEASE" from all 3 members of the household off went.

The pub is 'family friendly' which means they allow children to enjoy their food, and have a fantastic kids menu and high chairs (2 which isn't enough as they are always in use) but no kids play area.

Their kids menu can be found online here which is fantastic as you can let the kids choose from the comfort of your house which reduces waiting time in the restaurant. 

My boys (and me) love their chicken nugget option.
The turnaround time from placing an order to it being in front of you is soo quick you don't need more then a book or a colouring picture, or one of their printable activity sheets (or in my kids case a set of keys) to keep them occupied.

Activity sheet 1.                         Activity sheet 2

They also have baby changing facilities in the toilets.

The adult menu has everything you would expect and then some more.
from their starters and sharing packages to their main menu to dessert there is a family favourite for everyone.

I can highly recommend the Burgers and Gammon, whilst my husband aways has their BBQ Smothered Chicken and upgrades to include the curly fries option.

As you would expect from a chain called 'sizzling' you can opt to have a sizzling platter - the BBQ smothered chicken and Piri Piri Lemon chicken skewers (shown in the pic) are just two of these.  The skillets are heated to 150' and arrive at your table sizzling.  the sound and smells are a delight in themselves.

There is also a different offer every weeknight........the full list can be found here.

Desserts are the main reasons we come to Sizzling Pubs..... whilst pregnant with Noah and an incredibly hot summer w discovered their 
Mega Supercurlycrunchielisticchoccaberry Sundae 
This has to be every chocolate lovers dream desert and is big enough for me and the boys to share.  At £4.99 my purse loves it too.
"A luscious layer of warm chocolate fudge cake, raspberries in sauce, vanilla flavoured ice cream, Cadbury Dairy Milk pieces, served with Belgian chocolate sauce and squirty cream topped with crushed honeycomb pieces and a Cadbury Curly Wurly on the top."

 A word of warning tho, we previously popped in for a quick drink and a ice cream with a relative when Noah was a baby (Ben was 3)  and got 'told off' half way through as the boys did not have a meal - they were however happily tucking into the ice cream.

Hubby on the other hand thinks this is a little bit too sweet (or perhaps he just doesn't want to share?) and has fallen in love with their Honeycomb explosion.

With every good meal must come a good can find the drink menu here........  on the days I am feeling naughty I will have a cocktail, their Cosmopolitans are very nice and at 2 for £5 are very reasonable.

Hubby always has a beer - these start from just £2.54 a pint.

The kids with have a soft or fizzy drink - there is plenty to choose from.

If you are thinking of trying out your local sign up online and get a massive 25% off your food bill weekdays.
  Please note this cannot be used in connection with any other offer.

You can find your local pub here.


Day 24 - My Toy Memories

What was your favourite toy as a child?  Do your children have a favourite toy?  
Have you ever bought your child a toy because you enjoyed playing with it when you were small?

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