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A blog a day in september - 5th September 2013 - Teachers Day

Day 5 - September 5th........ Teachers Day: Who was your favourite Teacher

Teachers day falls on different days in different countries   As we are thinking about schools this month I decided today - India's day of celebration would be a good one to pick.

From Wikipedia:
September 5The birthdate, [5 September 1888], of the second President of India, academic philosopher Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. It is considered a "celebration" day, where teachers and students report to school as usual but the usual activities and classes are replaced by activities of celebration, thanks and remembrance. At some schools on this day, the responsibility of teaching is taken up by the senior students to show appreciation for their teachers.
Another day set aside for commemorating teachers in India and Nepal is Guru Purnima, also called 'Ashad sukla purnima'. It typically falls in mid-July.

So cast your mind back........... who was your favourite teacher and why??  Perhaps you can't cast your mind back that far but can remember a teacher who gratly influenced your childs life..........


I can remember every place of education I've been in. ....and most of the teachers (the early ones, the later ones not so much...sure that says something about brain cells).

My first memories are more what I've been told.....i remember my old preschool, in fact it's still standing accrosd the road from my mums work. I don't remember going there so much as the stories. I remember we must have made angel tree decorations at christmas because every year till I left home it re-appeared on my mums christmas tree.

Moving onto primary school I went all the way from Nursery to Year 6 at North County Primary School, Colchester.

I loved nursery, I loved Mrs Keeble and Mrs Tricker who ran it.  I remember sitting in the carpet area listenign to stories and hours spent playing with playdough.

I then moved into Mrs Duncan's class.  She was amazing...scary and strict.... but amazing.  I remember one year the class went on a visit to the local zoo but myself and another child were both sick with german measels.   

Nowadays a child would just miss out...... not 25 years ago ..... she took us after school when we were better (on our own), bought us ice creams then took us back to her house for Strawberries (that we picked in her garden).  

year 2 was Mrs Stevens class then Year 3 was back to Mrs Duncan.
My favourite (?) memory of late infact school was one of my classmates getting the wall stapler and ploughing hundreds of staples deliberatly into his hand.

I remember being soo upset during infants that I didn't get the lovely Miss J (jacobs?).  She was the yougest teacher on the staff and used to run all the dancing events.  Every year I looked forward to being in her class next and every year the staff moved around so we couldn't.

Year 4 - Mrs Jurd.  Another of the stricter teachers.  She introduced me to the Miles stories.  Ones I have since managed to pick up and share with my children who enjoy his antics just as much as I did do.
If you have never read Miles and The Screwdriver or Miles and the Computer then you are missing out.

Year 5 - Mr Betts.  The only male teacher in the school (other then Mr Kettle the headteacher).
My memory's from this class...  I was the queen of hearts in the production of Alice in Wonderland and it was the only year I can remember that I wasn't Mary in the Nativity Play.  Cross - I was fuming!!!
Does anyone remember the old Micro computers?  We used to play Granny's Garden.... I LOVED that game!!!

Year 6 was Mrs James, a year for Look and Read.... Wordie......Through the Dragons Eye, Geordie Racer and  Sky Hunter........ PLEASE PLEASE bring these back our new generation need them!!!!

  Through the Dragon's Eye

  Geordie Racer

  Sky Hunter


A sneaky peak at day 6 - September 6th........ National Read A Book Day: Share your favourite book.

It's National Read A Book Day (well in America at least) as Julia Hart explains in her blog here

so what better chance to share and recommend your favourite book........ can you pick just 1??   I know I can't!!

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  1. Geordie Racer - genius!! I loved that - I don't really know what happened or what It taught us, but I remember loving it - and the theme tune!!

    Here's mine - it was hard today because I teach too!