Monday, 23 September 2013

Book review - Just Another Manic Mum-Day by Mink Elliott.

Just Another Manic Mum-Day
 by: Mink Elliott

Roxy, Jack and daughter Joey, three, are building a new life for themselves in sunny Sydney, Australia, but Roxy's finding it hard to settle down. When she discovers she's pregnant again, things become even more complicated - how will she cope with a second child?

Frustrated at the lack of places for stressed-out mums to go, Roxy and her new friend, Shoshanna, set up Just Another Manic Mum-Day - a café catering exclusively for parents. But when an opportunity arises for Roxy to return to England, she realises just how much she's missed home...

Roxy is so like me from her disorganised chaos of a life to her hard to please husband (Jack) to her tentumming "I'm in charge" daughter (Joey).

This book was brilliant and a must read for any mummy.  I really felt for Roxy and after having my 2nd child when my oldest was about Joey's age I could relate to the feelings she was having and how difficult it is.

Roxy goes one better tho, she is setting up and running her own business with her best friend Shoshanna, roping in new friends and partners along the way.

The Manic-Mum Day cafe is a brilliant idea and one I would love to have been part of, Mink Elliott writes so well you can picture the scenes and see yourself there.

My only negative comment for this book is that the final three chapters seem so rushed, almost as if the book deadline date was fast approaching and the story had to be summed up in as few words as possible. 

In typical chicky-backwards-style I now want to go and find the first of Mink's books in the series "The P*ssed off Parents club" and read that.

My rating: 4/5 

This book is now looking for a new home and I am happy to post it free within the UK.  If you would like to be considered please leave a comment below with your twitter handle and I'll choose a recipient at the weekend.  

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