Friday 27 September 2013

Blog A Day - 27th September 2013 - forget me not

Day 27- Forget Me Not

The Birth flower for september is the forget me not............

use this heading to be as creative as you wish..........


This day has fallen perfecty....... I was trying to remember how to change my blog font as it had reverted back to something boring.

So todays 'Forget Me Not' is - How to change your page font to something a bit more pretty in Blogger.

Thanks to Huffpost Tech.


A sneaky peak at Day 28 - Your 5 rules to live by

I stumbled accross while I was trying to think of ideas for the Blog A Day.   Whilst Procrastinating one day (who doesn't) she came up with 100 rules to live by.

I'm not asking you to come up with that many - just share 5...........

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