Saturday, 28 September 2013

Blog A Day - 28th September 2013 - my 5 rules to live by

Day 28 - Your 5 rules to live by

I stumbled accross while I was trying to think of ideas for the Blog A Day.   Whilst Procrastinating one day (who doesn't) she came up with 100 rules to live by.

I'm not asking you to come up with that many - just share 5...........


1) Spend quality time with my children.   Even if it means making sure I take a break from mummy jobs to give them a kiss/ cuddle.

2) Tell my kids "I love you" at least once a day.

3) Make time for ME every day!  (even if it is just 10 minutes in the bath) 

4) I do not need False 'Friends' - If they bring my mood down more then they make me happy, I get rid.

5) My appearance and my body is just that  MINE!!!  
    I wear what I want to wear because it makes ME feel nice or comfy - if this makes me a Slummy Mummy so what (see point 4).    You don't like my fat pants - TOUGH I don't like Thongs.
    I only wear make-up when I want to - I do not feel the need to spend an hour in the bathroom plastering the war paint on.
    I do not need to spend £60 having someone wash, dry, cut and style my hair, I cannot stand the 'small talk' ............ £8 barber shop quick dry cut and layers- BARGAIN!

What are your 5 rules?


Sneaky peak at Day 29 - My goals for October

What do you hope to achieve?

do you want to master a skill?  go somewhere?  finish a UFO?  make something creative?  Cook something new? Blog about something in particular?

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