Tuesday 24 September 2013

Blog a Day - 24th September 2013 - my toy memories

Day 24 - My Toy Memories

What was your favourite toy as a child?  Do your children have a favourite toy?  
Have you ever bought your child a toy because you enjoyed playing with it when you were small?


My childhood toy memories are of a big yellow teapot, weebles, sylvanian families and my brio train set.

The big yellow teapot was just that, but when you opened it it was a play area for your little people.  Sadly they are now discontinued and even though you can pick them up on ebay they aren't cheap.

Kids of the 80's sums this up really well - here.

Weebles were great - they wobbled ...... but they never fell down.
They were re-released in about 2009 but they were nowhere near as fantastic as the originals which is why I bit the bullet and got my boys the treehouse (shown), school bus and fire-engine off ebay.

I spent many many hours playing with my sylvanian families.  from the Rabbit familys to the Beaver families to the oh soooo cute Cat families I had loads.

Unfortunatly my husband has deemed them 'girls toys' and won't let me buy them for my boys so that's a section of my childhood I won't be able to relieve.

Shhhhh....... don't tell him I have the dvd's that the boys love 

You can look at their range on their website.  or if you are fortunate enough to live in London nip along to their shop.

Like most children I had brio train set.......... and lots of it.  Thankfully with boys I have been able to continue the tradition adding to it with numerous bits of wooden track from various companies.

Check out the rang of wooden trainsets available at http://thetoadstool.co.uk/


Ohhh and who could forget the most comforting of nighttime toys ....... the gloworm ...... and yes - my boys do have a blue one each which they love.

I also had Secret Keepers and My Little Pony's ........2 more toys banned for the boys in my house.

I hope you liked my nostalgic look back, what toys do you remember?
Day 25- 3 months till Christmas

In case you can't guess it's a pretty big event in our house....... do you celebrate?  how?  have you any childhood traditions you are continuing with your children?

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