Sunday, 8 September 2013

A blog a day in september - 8th September 2013 - share a grandparents story

September 8th........ Grandparents Day - Share a Grandparents story

Happy Grandparents day!!  
Do you have any tales to tell about Grandparents?


My children are fortunate to have not only grandparents but also great grandparents.  Albeit they live 200+ miles away and they only seem their grandparents a few times a year (great grandparents once a year) so we make sure to have a great celebration on this yearly trip.

This year we went to visit in the summer and had a family BBQ and great grandma and granddad's house.
They loved having the house full of kids, and the kids loved the freedom of their huge garden...... and the lure of the pond.

A sneaky peak at day 9 - September 9th........ A song that reminds you of a special time

Songs can hold so many memories for very different reasons, can you recall some of your favourite songs and the memories they hold?

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