Friday 6 September 2013

A blog a day in september - 6th September 2013 - Share my favourite book

Day 6 - September 6th........ National Read A Book Day: Share your favourite book.

It's National Read A Book Day (well in America at least) as Julia Hart explains in her blog here

so what better chance to share and recommend your favourite book........ can you pick just 1??   I know I can't!!


I LOVE books, as you can probably guess from my Bookspot tab.

My bookshelf is overflowing, chick lit, romance, real life stories, hardback, paperback, factual...... and then there is Terry Pratchett's discworld series.

By far my favourite author is Sophie Kinsella (or when she wrote a Madeline Wickham).   I've read almost all her books now and can completely relate to Rebecca Bloomwood the lead character in the shopaholic series.   

I have recently been introduced to Lindsey Kelk's "I heart......." novels and just finished "I heart London".  She has a very similar writing style to Sophie and I cannot wait to read the rest of the books in the series.

I missed out on Terry Pratchett's Discworld books when I was a teenager and recently made it my mission to get them all to read and pass onto my children.  It took me a year... I didn't buy any of them at full price picking them up at boot sales, charity shops and even off freegle (freecycle).

I have to have a wide selection of books as I need variety.  I must read something entirely different from the last one.
e.g. a romance followed by a Discworld book.  

Nostalgia corner...........

Puddle Lane Books - I read these as a child and (like the discworld set) made it my mission to collect them...... my children are now the owners of the complete collection.


A sneaky peak at day 7 - September 7th........ Neither Rain Nor Snow day - Whether the Weather be Good..... or whether the weather be bad

ok ok so if you read the link the actual 'neither rain nor snow day' has nothing to do with the weather... but todays post does.
As we move into Autumn which is your favourite season/ weather and why??  (hint try not to chose Autumn as that's a future topic lol)

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