Sunday, 15 September 2013

A blog a day in september - 15th September 2013 - make a hat day

 Day 15 - September 15th........ Make a hat day

Choose a hat, make a hat, wear your hat........

and share your pictures here.


let me just start by saying we have NOT had a good day ........ it did NOT go according to plan and now 2 grumpy boys are refusing to make hats!!!!

I thought I'd treat them to the Kids AM cinema showing of Despicable Me 2 at the local Vue Cinema ..... went to book online to find they wacked a huge £2.25 booking fee (onto 3 tickets)!!!!!!!!!!
So armed with my Nectar card (thought i may as well use my points) we went to buy tickets 'in store'............ to find it flipping sold out .......... BOTH showings.

Cue a tantruming 4 year old who was then placated by saying he could play in the shopping precinct play centre when we had finished shopping (at this point there was still 45 minutes before the shops even OPENED!)

so eventually the shops opened, we shopped, we lunched in McDonalds.  I don't do relish so asked for a plain quarter pounder with cheese .......

Manourvering the buggy, the tray and a toddler accross the food court I found an empty seat, settled us all down and bit in ............ It was really dry ............ can you spot what they forgot  (clue it's in the title of the burger!!!)

I resigned myself to the fact it was not worth uprooting and going back as by the time they rectified it the kids food would be cold and 'enjoyed' my lunch.

Off we set to the play area ....... checked the height restrictions (my 4 year old is a little shortie) to find he was only allowed to play in the baby bit which he would never have been happy with as he wanted to go on the tall tower.

So bribery number 2 had to be played............ new lego ......... 

A few ££'s later (which crafter can't resist a trip to hobbycraft when you are going past the door) and we got home.

But no amount of bribery can pursuade them to put down the lego and make a hat.

So here is a picture of our Christmas hat making experience (after all there are only 100 days to go till the glittery crowns can come out again).


a sneak preview at Day 16 - September 16th........ National Heroes Day (Saint Kitts and Nevis) 

Heroes  - real or not..........

- Who is your hero?  Why?
- Which superhero would you be and why?
 .......use some imagination - there's no rules.

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