Friday, 27 September 2013

This weekends to-do list

I have got sooo much to do this weekend, thought I'd make a list to motivate myself.

Unfortunately I am one of these people who if I have a paper list think .... "ahhh that can wait till next weekend", whereas if I write it electronically it's as if I think people will judge me and tell me off (and feel free to do so) if I don't accomplish what I lay out (or have a very good reason not too).

So here it is ........ in no particular order...........

1) Take Ben to school .............. and remember to pick him up.

2) Take the too small rollerblind back to Wilkinsons and hope they swap it ........ moral of the story - don't send a man to do a womans job.
3) Build, test and review the Solar Powered (and battery thankfully given the british weather) boat that Thames & Kosmos (@ScienceKits) kindly sent us to review.
4) order the chart I want from
5) actually do some cross stitch
6) catch up on my missing blog posts from the last couple of days.

................... will finish the list after the school run...........

7) try and remember how I made my posts in a pretty font as it seems to have forgotten!

8) get in some pole practise
9) take part in @Tots100 #willynilly friday
10) post my Friday Follows...

11) do some Christmas crafting - on my own and with the kids.

12) Update my September food challenge.
13) MY room
           Strip, wash, replace bedding
          Tidy up
          hoover floor
          put clothes away
          organise stuff ........ uh oh I feel more pretty boxes may be bought.
          empty bins
14) Attempt to sell my sale boxes of stuff ........ I may have to give in and sell for pennies just to make room.
15) MUST do some surveys
16) tidy my emails
17) Ben's Room:
          Strip, wash, replace bedding
          Tidy up
          sweep floor
          put clothes away
18) Noah's Room:
          Strip, wash, replace bedding
          Tidy up
          sweep floor
          put clothes away
19) Bathroom
          Clean bath, sink, toilet
          wash bathmat, change towel
          wash floor
          empty bin
20) Kitchen
           Clear and wipe the work tops
           Wipe hob
           Clean the floor
           Wipe cupboard fronts/ drawers/kickboards, etc
           Clear table and put away
           Empty bin
           sort 'junk' boxes
21) Stairs and Landing
           clear stairs and put away
           tidy and put away landing
22) front room
            tidy and organise kids toys
           Empty bin
           sort 'junk' boxes
23) filing
24) book dentist appointments
25) stop writing lists (and watching Thomas The Tank Engine) and actually do something............  will probably add more as I think of them.

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