Sunday, 8 September 2013

Angel Delight Ice Cream - review

Over a year ago Angel Delight released their Ice Cream mix, my youngest found it in the dark depths of the cupboard today where it had sat unused (I have no idea why) and decided we were going to make it today (I won't tell you how out of date it was).  He also emerged holding a bar of white chocolate.  so that was an easy decision White Chocolate Ice Cream!!!

This mix is SOOO easy.  Put the powder (vanilla) in a mixing bowl with 150ml of milk.   Wizz it up.

Add your flavouring - being chocolate I then wizzed it all up again to break it up and mix it in, I left some 'chunks' for texture.

Put it into an airtight container.  At this point I got the chocolate ice cream sauce and swirled it through.
Lid on leave to set in the freezer for at least 4 hours.

I served ours up with strawberries and it was LOVELY.  I have had to promise to buy more with dreams of blackberry ice cream and banana ice cream.... might even make a batch of rocky road ice cream if I am feeling really adventurous.

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