Monday, 16 September 2013

Blog a Day - 16th September 2013 - superheroes

Day 16 - September 16th........ National Heroes Day (Saint Kitts and Nevis)

Heroes - real or not..........

- Who is your hero? Why?
- Which superhero would you be and why?
.......use some imagination - there's no rules.


ARGGG Superheroes are the bain of my life at the moment.  I have a 4 years old and 2 year old who (depending which day of the week it is) think they are either Superman, Batman or Ironman.

Let me rewind a year - you could have shown me a picture of Iron Man and I would have shrugged my shoulders and said "who?" ........ but thanks to Playstation and their ties with Lego, Marvel and DC I am now an all singing all dancing  supermum ........ welll I can name more then a year ago.   I don't think I will ever be in my toddler's category of being able to name EVERY character on the Lego Batman 1 and 2 games but I'm getting there.

so it would come as no surprise that he wants a superhero birthday party.  No there is no way on this Earth I am having 10 'superhero's' running around my tiny house after school.  
Thankfully Pizza Hut offer a very reasonable make your own party which they can go to and hopefully won't want to run around causing havoc.

Ben's decided he's going to be Superman, Noah will be Batman and mummy ........ Supermummy of course. Thank you Argos for reducing the t-shirt to £2.99.... you've made a toddler day.

So last night was spent creating invitations and RSVP forms (you can get these from Pizza Hut but I choose to make ones he would associate with).
      Just need to fnd a super cake to take............ some pressies - Lego so no surprise there then.... it's a good job we have a Lego Store at Meadowhall.

........... And for Christmas  - Well Santa better get pre-ordering the LEGO: Marvel SuperHeroes for PS3 as he's already excited about it.


a sneak preview at Day 17 - My Favourite Painting

What's your favourite painting and why?

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