Monday 30 September 2013

Blog A Day - 30th September 2013 - my most memorable September memory

Day 30 My Most Memorable September Memory

What will you remember most about September?

September has simply flown.........

I met some lovely new Tweeps.
Entered some exciting competitions and received a few wonderful products to test and review.
I have updated my blog far too often and lost too much time of Twitter/ Facebook.

We've had pretty much every weather imaginable (except snow) and I have worn everything from Shorts to my winter coat.

As far as family life goes it has been pretty non-eventful........... that was until Saturday.....

It started off as a normal trip to the shops. ...... Ben ran down the hill (as he has done every day since he was old enough to run) ........... and tripped......... straight into the top flagstone on someones brick wall.

Cue a sad bleeding boy - who to be fair was more upset about getting blood on his Superman outfit then the fact he has a hole in his face.

The next 2 hours of my afternoon were spent at Sheffield Children's Hospital while they patched him up.

It wasn't a completely disastrous day tho - crossing over the road we got an ice-cream just in time to watch the Air Ambulance take off from where it has landed in the park.

Certainly a day I won't forget, and probably one Ben won't forget for a while.


As the old saying goes "That's all folks".

Thanks for seeing September out with me and if you joined in with Blog A Day then well done.

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