Sunday 22 September 2013

A Blog a day - September 22nd - Autumn Days

Day 22- Autumn Days

It's officially the first day of Autumn today - eeek bye bye Summer, Hello Winter

have you dug out the big coats yet?
Have you put the heating on?

What's the best thing about Autumn?  Is there any tell tale sign that says "Hi, It's Autumn".......


Firework night, crisp, crunchy fallen leaves and cbeebies all help me to tell it is autumn

I love Autum, and what better way for it to start then with this mini heatwave that has gripped up this weekend.

The leaves are starting to turn and fall..........

yet it has been warm enough to play in the water...........


Torrential rain, freezing cold vs warmth and sunshine ........ hmm what to wear for work tomorrow??


Day 23- My Favourite Place

Where is your favourite place??   do you go there as often as you like?

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