Monday 16 September 2013

Debenhams Dream Bedroom competition

The other night hubby and myself were laid in bed watching TV when we got thinking, wouldn't it be lovely to win some money and be able to makeover our bedroom.......

It has been the same since we moved in 6 years ago - boring white walls (we're not allowed to paint them), boring cream carpet (we can change this but need to keep it incase the landlady wants it replacing when we move out). The window cannot hold curtains as the wooden beam that the pole screws into no longer stays on the wall and is soo long that roller blinds are reallly expensive.

Your bedroom is supposed to be a place to relax and unwind, for me it is my stitching haven, I spend more evenings in my room then I do any other room in the house so I want it to reflect me and my personality, yet at the same time I do have to consider my husband (pffft) so i can't make it all girly pink.

Debenhams have teamed up with Annie who writes the Mammasaurus blog and Jen who writes her Love Chic Living blog to bring about a competition that was simply written for me ........ design your dream bedroom with a £5,000 budget (a girl can but dream). The rules can be found here............ but why not check out my entry here first............

I have loved sleigh beds ever since I was little and have my perfect room has matching furniture  (and the moment it is such a jumble!) ....... The 'Mitre' range fits the bill nicely.

I loved the modern look of the Mobo 3 Light Opal Glass Ceiling Light and who couldn't resist the cheeky Silver aquarium lava lamp to brighten up that oak bedside unit?

In the board below you can see the Kingsize 'Mitre' beddouble wardrobe3 drawer dresser and bedside table.
Of course the bed would be pretty uncomfortable as it is so I have chosen the oh so comfy Sleepheaven silver comfort mattress.

Evey bedroom needs those 'homly' accessories and mine is no different.

This stunning Multi coloured 'Harlequin Space Dust' rug (200cm x 300cm) would be sure to brighten up my dull cream carpet (well not quite so cream after 5 years of child wear) and the Yankee Cinnamon stickcandle will bring the relaxing scent of Christmas to the room.

Bedding wise I couldn't resist these 2 butterfly designs; Light grey 'Butterflies' bedding set and White Scattered Butterflies Duvet Cover Set

This mood board can also be found on Pinterest   

edit: 3/11/13 ..... This competition has now ended, well done to the winners.  The Pinterest Board link will no longer be accessible as I need to make room for future entries.

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