Monday 2 September 2013

A blog a day in september - Monday 2nd September - Back to School

Day 2 - September 2nd ........ Back to School.

Like I said on day 1 Ben starts school tomorrow....... 
........ use today to blog about one, some or all of the ideas below:
                     - excitement/ fears over your child starting school 
                    - remembering your own time at school
                     - teaching a class on their first day back at school
       or anything related to school life and days really................


I am really excited for Ben starting school, he's 5 in October and has been away from home numerous times already.

Until the summer holidays this year he went to a childminders every Friday since he was 9 months old so was used to being away from mummy/ daddy from an early age.  He took to this like a duck to water, we never experienced the clingy separation anxiety so many parents go through..... most days I'd be lucky if I got a kiss/ cuddle before I left him.  When it came to going home he would want to stay and drag his feet. 

From 3 years old his free nursery places started, our childminder got accredited so we could use her for 6 of our hours which was fantastic as this was when Noah our youngest started with her so we were only paying for 1 child a week.
We used the other 9 hours to put Ben in a school nursery Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.  The idea behind this would that it would ease him in gradually - he loved it.  The nursery didn't have to wear school uniform but could if they wanted to.  We bought him some black jogging bottoms and a couple of school jumpers and let him wear any (old) t-shirt.   He loved it.  He loved getting ready and going and playing and soon got invited to his first birthday party.  
At 4 years old we decided to change his hours around to get him more used to the 'school' experience and paid for an extra session  so he now went all day Monday and Wednesday (staying for lunch) and continued to go all day to childminders on a Friday.

We have been talking about going to school and I think his only fear is making friends.  He is worried he won't know anybody and with his birthday party booked he is scared he won't know who to invite.  I am hoping it will be a useful milestone for early friendship as well as a chance for me to meet other parents.

I did really well with his uniform as the school only enforce a colour scheme, you can buy the uniform with logos if you wish directly from their supplier.   I managed to order all the uniform (4 polo shirts, 2 t-shirts, 4 pairs of trousers, 2 pairs of shorts) from Tesco for less then £10 (as I doubled up a £5 clubcard voucher to give me £10) and just added a bit to it.   Unfortunately I was a bit optimistic thinking Ben may have a growth spurt and had to go out yesterday and rebuy it (from Asda) in a smaller size.   Oh well I've got the next lot already covered :)

So Superman lunchbox is ready on the shelf, superman bottle washed and drying, angry birds sandwich box in the sink, superman hat, scarf and gloves ordered (can you sense a theme?)  and the cupboards stocked I *think* we may be ready to go........ just need to label the uniform up......

Please share your healthy lunchbox ideas ................................................



A sneaky peak at day 3 - September 3rd........ A strange fact

The Internet is awash with useless strange facts..... the type that make you go "wow, I will never need to know that".

Use today to share one or some of your favourites.

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  1. Super cute in his uniform! Let us all know how it goes!

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