Thursday, 12 September 2013

A blog a day in september - 12th September 2013 - desert island dreams

Day 12 - September 12th........ desert island dreams

If you could be anywhere, with anyone, doing anything.................what would it be?


My perfect desert island getaway would be a nice quiet cove with the sea lapping the beach and a wi-fi connecion (a power point would be handy too lol).

A nice beach hut cocktail bar with free drinks :)

I'd like warmth, but comfortable warmth with a gentle sea breeze.

Somewhere i can curl up with my toes in the sand and have some peace and quiet to cross-stitch in.

But of course, all this would be short lived as I would miss my boys farr to much and be home by 5pm to feed them before bed :)


a sneak preview at Day 13 - September 13th........ Positive Thinking Day

Think positive!!!!!

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