Tuesday, 10 September 2013

A blog a day in september - 10th September 2013 - swap ideas day

Day 10 - September 10th........ Swap Ideas Day

So September 10th is Swap Ideas Day.  

The exact origins of Swap Ideas Day are unknown. However, it is believed that the creator of this day is Robert Birch. This was not his only unusual idea as he is also thought to have invented several other strange celebrations including Lumpy Rug DayTrivia Day and the bizarrely named Nothing Day.
The idea behind Swap Ideas Day is that everybody gets together to exchange ideas. People celebrate this occasion by connecting with other people to share thoughts and concepts. There are no rules outlining the nature of the ideas to be shared, thus making Swap Ideas Day an ideal opportunity for people to be as creative and wacky as they like with their ideas as well as learning from the ideas of others.
So as you can probably guess................ share a good (or bad) idea or 2!!!


I apologise in advance for my Christmas idea but having discovered it too late last year and only managing to make it in time for the kids to have out for a few days I am determined to make it bigger and better this year.  

I am also going to buy a wooden board to mount it on as the velcro/ double sided tape to the wall DIDN'T work and pulled off most of the paint!!!!

So my idea (that I orignally found here) is for a Felt Christmas tree that your toddler can decorate over and over
Mine looks no-where near as fantastic as all the ones you can find on the internet but the kids loved it and this years WILL be better!!

Noah loved taking off all the shapes and putting them back on again.........

I did cheat quite a lot as I'm not very arty and I bought the felt shapes from e-bay.... this year however I have discoved MDF shapes and think I may buy some of these and make my own.  They can also then be used for craft templates for other activities.  The seller has done me a lovely collection of sizes and shapes (7 small, 7 medium and 5 large for £16.97 with free postage which is fantastic for items that will get plenty of use.  Brilliantly fast communication too, well worth asking if you want different bundles creating.  Please pay them a visit.

So there it is - my idea (ok my borrowed idea) for a felt christmas tree for little hands..... if you try it out please share your pictures.


Day 11 - September 11th........ remembrance - one photo to paint 1000 words

On the 12th anniversary of the attacks on the twin towers I;ll be remembering those parents who kissed their child// partner goodbye and went for a 'normal' day the office, the ejmergency workers who went into help on their days off and lost their own lives to save others and a day that really did 'shock the world'.

You can remember whoever and whatever you like today.............but please  if you only do one thing then give your loved ones an extra big hug and tell them how much you love them.

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