Sunday, 8 September 2013

My weekly round up.....

...... And what a week it's been.  I have only just managed to write my Daily posts for #blogaday in september.

I think being a full time working mum I try so hard to make my weekends with the boys special as monday-thursday I leave as soon as they wake in the morning and get home in time to put them to bed at night. This had the effect of me being super busy out and about and feeling guilty for needing "mummy time" when we are at home (to cook, clean and.... Blog).
  Another reason blogging is also kinda taking a back seat as I have re-found my stitchy bug with Christmas designs.

This weekend we have:
- gone to football training....and been let down (see post here).
- gone to the local museum and had a picnic
- done the weekly shop.....and remembered why I order it online (see more below)
- taken the kids to the amazing local fun day (again, more below).

- fed the ducks
- made ice cream (review here)
- played a board game (hard with a 2 and a half yr old).
- continued trying to potty train a 2 and a half year old.

So..... The weekly shop @ Tesco.  I decided we didn't need a lot this week, I am on a mission to use up the freezer as I prefer to do a bulk buy from farm foods when they are empty then get bits every week from tesco.
what a nightmare! You know it's not a good start when there are no baskets and you need to hunt one down.

I love my local asda as they have pull along baskets with handles...not in tesco so time to balance the basket on the buggy.  This is where the Luna looses points, it is not designed for baskets.

Apparently we needed more then I thought as I forced more onto my precarious balancing act.....and paid out almost £40.  ... And yes.... I still forgot stuff!      .................................. Back to the internet shop next week!

Family Fun day.  This was postponed from the Summer (for the 2nd year in a row it has poured with rain so the field is too soggy and it's been moved to glorious hot sunny days in September).

Brilliant, it was organised and run by the church network.  Now I'm not religious at all but have to admit the toddler groups, cake sessions and fun days they organise are fantastic....... and it was ALL FREE, I didn't spend a penny!!

There was a bouncy castle for the children to play on which was well supervised (no more then 8 children at a time).

Tea, coffee, cake and biscuits.

Face Painting

a book stall where they encouraged you to take as many as you wanted.

circus skills

a craft area

and races and games: parachute, water balloons, tug of war and to finish they encouraged everyone who attended to join hands for a HUGE Hokey Cokey.

There was also a limbo bar, giant Jenga and giant Connect Four (which I had to fight my youngest away from)

The community spirit was superb, my little boy left his water bottle next to the bouncy castle and it was still there an hour later when i noticed it was missing.

The kids loved it, I loved it our friends loved it..... roll on next year.

Unfortunately my oldest was obsessed with having his hands painted (as in the promotional material) and couldn't understand WHY he couldn't have it done (he was even going to ask the face painters!) so I think that is our craft activity for next weekend.

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