Thursday, 12 September 2013

Alternatives to Chocolate Advent Calenders

So this year I was intrigued by The House of Craft featured in Cross Stitch Crazy and was all set to make a nice 'treat' advent calender.  Unfortunately so was the rest of the UK and, come payday........... it has sold out and no indication when it will be back in stock.   I have found it in a couple of other places but it is more expensive.

HOWEVER after a bit of searching I found this one and I LOVE it even more.  it is from Glitterwitch, a gorgeous plain advent calendar box with drawers that are fully removable between lockable doors.  Being wooden it will be a lot more robust then the original MDF one.

Last year the boys had the Lego City Advent calender, this is pretty good value at £15+ for the city one (Star Wars one is £24+, Friends one is also £15+) but it's really expensive to buy the boys 1 each and they get bored when models are spread out over 2 or 3 days.

Then I got googling............UH OH there are SOO many lovely ideas out there. ........ and I will post some of my finds in the next few days.   If you have any you would like to feature please let me know, or let me know what YOU do!

Here is one by Red Ted Art for a papercup calender.  check out their page for full instructions.

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