Saturday, 7 September 2013

A blog a day in september - 7th September 2013 - My favourite weather

September 7th........ Neither Rain Nor Snow day - Whether the Weather be Good..... or whether the weather be bad

ok ok so if you read the link the actual 'neither rain nor snow day' has nothing to do with the weather... but todays post does.
As we move into Autumn which is your favourite season/ weather and why??  (hint try not to chose Autumn as that's a future topic lol)


I am one of those people who is NEVER happy.  If it's too hot I winge (have you tried pole work with sweaty hands?!)
But give me the icy depths of winter and I winge that I am too cold!!

It was actually a pretty nice day today as we had the warmth of the sun with a nice cool breeze.  Now if only everyday could be like that.

A sneaky peak at day 8 - September 8th........ Grandparents Day - Share a Grandparents story

Happy Grandparents day!!  
Do you have any tales to tell about Grandparents?

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