Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Blog A Day - 18th September 2013 - my quiet place

Day 18 - My Quiet Place

Where do you go to get away and relax?


I have 2 quiet havens in my house.

One for when the kids are awake ........

 ............. the bathroom - it has a book and a lock ....... perfect for when mummy needs to take 10 minutes out.

And one for after they have gone to bed ........... my bedroom.

It has a TV (with sky+ box) and PS3, it houses all my cross stitch items and has the comfiest bed to spread out on.

I can shut the door, shut out the world and relax.

Like everything it could be better ........... that's why I've entered the Debenhams Dream Bedroom competition.

A sneak prieview of Day 19 - Talk like a pirate day

Seriously - it reallllly does exist,  tomorrow IS Talk Like a Pirate Day.
check it out here and blog to show how you have celebrated it.

........... did you know you can even set facebook to Pirate?  

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